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Olympic Physiotherapy provides a whole host of treatments. Our staff at Olympic Physiotherapy have developed their skills both within an academical and professional environment. Our staff have gained experience in providing treatments both within Europe and North America. Our staff aim to provide a hollistic treatment package to all of our clients to ensure that not only does the injury rehabilitate but we aim to reduce the chances of re-injury following return to daily activities.


Electrotherapy provides people with a drug-free, non-invasive and non-addictive treatment option. Electortherapy is a common treatment within physiotherapy. Electrotherapy is a treatment based on electrical stimulation. It uses a specific range of energy waves of an electromagnetic spectrum to produce the desired physiological as well as chemical body responses. Unlike drugs and any other forms of treatment, it helps improve and manage a number of symptoms without compromising health due to side effects.

Olympic Physiotherapy are able to provide some excellent electrotherapy options. Olympic Physiotherapy can offer Ultrasound, Interferential, Combination Therapy, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Phonophoresis and Iontophoresis. Olympic Physiotherapy can offer some of the best electrotherapy techniques available. Our staff have worked both within Europe and North America developing their electrotherapy skills. Olympic Physiotherapy can provide TENS machines for you for pain relief even when the physiotherapists are not with you.


Soft Tissue Massage is a very common physiotherapy treatment. It is a very hands-on treatment which is often provided by masseurs. Our staff at Olympic Physiotherapy are established soft tissue masseurs who will provide you with a fantastic massage. Soft tissue massage is usually used on muscles, tendons and ligaments to relieve some of the tightness by decreasing the scar tissue within the area. Some of our clients also have regularly massage sessions to reduce the risk of injury. Ask about our Massage Check-Up clinics.


Mobilisations are a very effective method of increasing range of movement within the joint. Our physiotherapists are trained with the Maitland Peripheral Mobilisations. Mobilisations can also be used to reduce pain within the joint. Our staff currently work grades I-IV, but we are hoping to be able to provide Grade V Manipulations in the near future for the Lumbar spine.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest treatments known to man. Acupuncture has survived the technological boom and is still very common within our clients. Our staff are members of the Acupuncture Assocation of Chartered Physiotherapists. Acupuncture has many benefits including pain relief, reducing anxiety and migranes.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic Exercise is a vital component of physiotherapy. Therapeutic Exercise helps the body into providing an optimal environment for rehabilitation to occur. Olympic Physiotherapy will provide you with specific exercises to complete not only during the session but also following the session. Olympic Physiotherapy provide explanations on all our Therapeutic Exercises to ensure you understand why we are asking you to complete certain movements. Olympic Physiotherapy has state-of-the-art computer software which will provide you with visual and written advice. Olympic Physiotherapy will also provide you with any exercise equipment needed for your rehabiliation.

Postural / Behavioural Advice

Olympic Physiotherapy also provide advice on lifestyle such as postural awareness and behavioural adivce. This is a very important component of our Corporate Care package. Not only does it provide you with relief immediately but it also reduces the risk of injuries in the future. Our advice can range from correcting of your posture during sitting/standing to advice on equpiment to help with your posture, i.e. lumbar roll.

Sports Injuries

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Sport Support

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Corporate Care

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