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Corporate Care

Did you know?

  • Businesses in England lose £34billion a year due to people taking genuine sick days
  • The average employee will take 13 days off each year for recovery
  • Based on the average UK annual wage of £23,764, this means each worker costs their employer £1188.20 a year in sick days
  • That’s the equivalent of £34,457,800,000 across the working population of 29million people

Corporate Care Benefits

Olympic Physiotherapy provides a cost effective employee assisted referal program. Research has shown that regularly maintaining the health and well being of your employees, significantly reduces the cost of absentees. Whether your company has employees who are sat at a desk throughout the day or whether your company employes manual labourers Olympic Physiotherapy can help reduce costs.
Olympic Physiotherapy will help your staff to recover and return to full functional independence as quickly and safely as possible. We know how important it is to help keep staff fit, healthy and at work.

  • We provide fully equipped Direct Access facilities for assessments, diagnosis and treatment
  • We provide onsite physiotherapy services.
  • We provide detailed reports for health managers.
  • We help make your company a better place to work, improving health and wellbeing and save you time & money

Early intervention treatment and rehabilitation services have been shown to:

  • Help staff to remain at work
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Speed Injury recovery and outcome measures
  • Facilitates earlier return to work
  • Improve staff moral
  • Reduce claim blame culture reactions
  • Improve case documentation and communication
  • Reduce financial liabilities

Physiotherapy Direct To Your Company

We provide you with a fully qualified physiotherapist who will attend your work site on a regular basis to perform injury management, education, prevention and occupational health services. Olympic Physiotherapy provides you with access to our professional experience and allows us to establish specific workplace knowledge of your companies processes and procedures to maximise our cost effectiveness. With our on site help, your company can develop comprehensive ‘return to work’ and ‘injury prevention’ strategies that can really make a difference. This process helps to keep staff at work minimising unnecessary sickness absences and encourages a safe controlled return to work which is impartial and objective. Our prime aim is to ensure optimum recovery with minimum disruption.

The Cost

Olympic Physiotherapy offers a competitive price for each company individually. Each company quote is individually assessed to ensure we meet all of your requirements at a price which you will be happy with. For more information or a quote call us on 07779852397 or email us.


  • Sessions are held on-site in the company’s First Aid room – or other allocated room. A desk and two chairs are all that are needed – Olympic Physiotherapy will provide the rest.
  • The service is free to employees – the company is charged per session
  • We offer a competitive fee structure
  • Number of sessions dependent upon company requirements.
  • A session would consist of a morning session (e.g. 9:00am – 12:00pm) or afternoon session (e.g. 1:00pm – 5:00pm)
  • The service is advertised on the company intranet or wherever appropriate – at the discretion of the company
  • Each individual session lasts between 15-30minutes

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