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Appointments can be booked by calling 07779852397. Alternatively you can send us an email and we will call you back within 24 hours.

Appointments last 45 minutes each session, with the initial sessions lasting 1 hour. The sessions at Olympic Physiotherapy are longer than many other Physiotherapists as we aim to give you the best treatment available in the comfort of your own office/home.

What to expect during the session

Each patient is an individual and at Olympic Physiotherapy we aim to treat each patient with a unique style to each patient.

Initial Evaluation/Assessment

During the initial evaluation / assessment we will aim to find the cause of the problem. We will spend a bit of time getting to understand how the problem was caused and how it has developed since then. This is why the first session is a little longer than subsequent sessions.

The first session will also include a variety of tests to see what causes the problem and ways in which the pain can be reduced.

Treatment of the injury will also occur within the first session. Treatments can range from massage, electrotherapy, acupuncture, mobilisations, advice and many other techniques. As each patient is different the treatment will be decided between yourself and the physiotherapist.

Advice and activities for you to do will always be given following a session. Olympic Physiotherapy has access to the top-of-the range computer software to produce easy to understand advice sheets – which will be personalised for you!

Following Sessions

Following the initial evaluation / assessment, further sessions can be booked if you and the physiotherapist believe it to be the correct course of action. At Olympic Physiotherapy we believe in good honest communication between patient and physiotherapist. If the physiotherapist feels that you won’t need any further physiotherapy sessions we will advice you, unlike some physiotherapists who will try to continue to keep you on their records for as long as possible.

The following sessions will consist mainly treatment as we already have all the information from the intial assessement. As such we will use a variety of treatments to ensure you return to optimum fitness as quickly as possible.

Cost – Special price for a limited time only

  • Initial Evaluation / Assessment: £30
  • Further Treatments: £28

We won’t be beaten on price. We offer a First-Class service to all of our patients. We use state-of-the-art equipment and will always develop with the times. All of our staff are State Registered Physiotherapists.

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