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Why choose us?

Why choose Olympic Physiotherapy?

Olympic Physiotherapy provides First-Class physiotherapy directly to you. Olympic Physiotherapy not only provides physiotherapists but also fully qualified Advanced Fitness Instructors and Sport Scientists. Olympic Physiotherapy will aim to not only rehabilitate you to your previous condition but also try to ensure the same injury doesn’t occur again through advice and pre-habilitation exercises.

How much is it?

An Olympic Physiotherapy session costs £30 for the initial assessment and £28 for any follow up sessions. Our price is highly competitive within the private physiotherapy sector. Our sessions last 45 minutes for the initial assessment and 30 minutes for the follow up sessions. We not only treat you within the session but also offer advice and will provide you with material for you to be completing on your own to improve your rehabilitation.

How long will the sessions last?

Olympic Physiotherapy sessions last 45 minutes for the initial assessment and 30 minutes for the follow up sessions. The initial assessment enables the phystiotherapist to get a good understanding of the injury and the best way to treat the injury. The initial assessment also includes a full treatment session. The follow up sessions are primarily treatment sessions, incoproating a variety of treatments. Check out our treatments page for more information.

Where will the treatments take place?

The sessions can take place either in your home or office. Our physiotherapists come directly to you with no charge for expenses or parking.

Are the staff qualified?

All of our staff are Members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and Health Professionals Council. This means that all of our staff have completed a Physiotherapy degree and have been accepted onto the Governments Health Professionals team. Often private physiotherapists/sports therapists are not registered with the Health Professionals Council – all of our staff are. You can check the register online at HPC. Uniquely all of our staff are Advanced Fitness Instructors and are members of the Exercise Register. Our staff are also licensed to work in the United States of America.

How can I pay?

At present Olympic Physiotherapy can only accept Cash/Cheque/Bank Transfer. We are currently working on other methods of payment.

What treatments can you offer?

Olympic Physiotherapy offer a whole host of treatments, ranging from acupuncture to electrotherapy to mobilisations to massage. A more comprehensive list of our treatments can be seen on our treatments page. If you have any questions about Olympic Physiotherapy please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone: 07779852397 or email: olympicphysiotherapy@hotmail.com


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